I had the most special day today in Boston. I sat on a bench on Comm Ave and watched the blossoms sway in the cool spring breeze. I road around the old neighborhood. Every little bit made my heart grow bigger. I realized today that coming home isn’t necessarily relaxing- I’m instantly filled with many emotions- it’s like I’m reborn every time I’m here. In the sense that I’m shocked to life. Again my heart starts beating. It’s on an animalistic level. And it just got weird :) but it at a deep natural level.

And now that I have kids, I am hit by all these moments I had with my dad, driving through all the neighborhoods. I can’t wait to bore my kids to death showing them all the places that mean something to me.

Put all that on top of running tomorrow in the Boston Marathon- THIS Boston Marathon- and it’s what might be considered “too much”. But my heart keeps growing for this town. It’s such a privilege to be a part of this town. This race. This comeback. This home.
Thank for helping me get here.


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